Research Groups


Universidad de Caldas counts with different research groups recognized and ranked by COLCIENCIAS (the Colombian Administrative Department for Science, Technology and Innovation) as well as with several indexed publications and research seedbeds. The Research Groups are:
Category A 1
1. Veterinary Sciences (CIENVET)
2. Science, Technology and Professions Social Sciences Group

Category A
1. Regenerative Therapy
2. Educational Innovation

Category B
1. Health Promotion and Illness Prevention
2. Design and Cognition of Visual and Virtual Environments
3. Synthesis and Reaction Mechanisms in Organic Chemistry
4. Biohealth
5. Tántalo
6. Motor Function and Symbolic Worlds
7. Curriculum, University and Company
8. Territoriality
9. Herpetological Group of Antioquia
10. Agricultural Biotechnology
11. Gerontology and Geriatrics Research Group
12. Veterinary Pathology
13. Chromatography and Related Techniques Research Group
Category C
1. Caldas Neuroscience Group
2. Visual Design Aesthetic and Social Research Group
4. Cognition and Education
5. Environmental Conflicts Observatory
6. Plantain
7. Idacanzás: Preventing the Moving of Times
8. Communication, Culture and Society- See Web Page
9. Rural Studies Center (CERES)
10. Information Technology and Networks Research Group (GITIR)
11. Food and Agroindustry
12. Human Biology Research Group – GIBH
13. Family Studies Group
14. Human Development



Category D
1. Culture and Drugs
2. Social and Legal Studies
3. Geology
4. Electrical Bioimpedance
5. Technological Characterization of Minerals
6. CUMANDAY Stratigraphy and Vulcanology Research Group – GIEV
7. Teachers and Contexts
8. Telesalud
9. Geo-gas and Thermal Water Physical Chemistry
10. Environmental Thought
11. Molecular Biology and Health – BIMSA
12. Historical Dynamics and Social Change Research Group
14. Physical Activity and Sports Cumanday
15. Uterus Neck and Mammal Cancer
16. Biodiversity and Fitogenetic Resources
17. Statistics and Mathematics Research Group
18. ASPA (Agriculture Production Systems Analysis)
19. Social Economic and Organizational Problems Study Group- Professors’ Group
20. Economics and Administration Department
21. Genetics, Biodiversity and Fitoimprovement (GEBIOME)
22. Philosophy and Culture