NerdWallet Editorial Guidelines

Key Principles

  • Every reader is entitled to fair and accurate information.
  • The value of NerdWallet to advertisers depends on reader trust.
  • The difference between editorial content and marketing messages must be transparent.
  • Editorial integrity must not be compromised by advertiser influence.
  • Editorial content is written by NerdWallet.

Editorial Integrity

  • Editorial content must be honest, accurate and fact-checked, and must not misrepresent information or misrepresent relationships the writer or NerdWallet may have with advertisers.
  • Reviews and assessments are objective, factual and based on the actual attributes of the product.
  • Editorial content must be original and not copied from another source, including materials provided by advertisers.
  • Content must not be inappropriate or illegal.

Editorial Independence

  • All reviews and assessments of the product overall or of specific product attributes are solely based on the NerdWallet editorial staff’s analysis and is independent of payment considerations.
  • The editorial staff will not receive any direct compensation from advertisers.
  • Providing favorable or unfavorable reviews and/or assessments for specific products or partners will not be a factor in writer employee performance evaluations or compensation reviews.
  • The editorial staff will not have any knowledge about advertiser relationships, including compensation from partners, beyond what is publicly available on our site.
  • Only the editorial staff will create editorial content, including all reviews and assessments.